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I’ve started printing a block of my favorite new character – Klovis Der Kat. Stay tuned for more feline fun!

Kat Racked


Have you tried SPEEDBALL PROFESSIONAL RELIEF SUPERGRAPHIC BLACK INK yet? Give it a try. Super richness and denseness like you’ve never known!👀👀👀 I’ll be showing it off @printmediamfa in a couple of weeks as part of the @speedball_art Road Show with master screen printer @electriccalavera ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #ink #printmaking #reliefprint #reliefprinting #linocut #printingink #creativeprocess
MEGAGRAPHIC @durham_arts Opening on January 18th at 6pm. 140 screen prints by 6 artists who print @durhamsupergraphic @jungle_asian_redneck @biovarg @rampaige2020 @matthewtauch @dominickrapone ❤️#griddesign #screenprinting #printmaking #screenprints #graphicdesign #graphics
New block in progress. Will be used for a print @electriccalavera and I will be making at @printmediamfa in Portland later this month. First stop on the @speedball_art Road Show 2019. 🛫🛬🛣⚡️⚡️⚡️ #printmaking #linocut #linocutprint #linoprint #cartoon #comics
Scored this obscure comic Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr PA. Don’t know much about it but looks like it’s modeled on Mad. Love the cover! 👀👀💥 #riotcomic #comics #10cents
Getting ready for MEGAGRAPHIC show at the Durham Arts Council @durham_arts . Show opens 1/11. Sample of what it’ll look like. Bold colorful graphics in a grid. #printmaking #screenprinting #graphics #griddesign #megagraphic @matthewtauch @biovarg @rampaige2020 @jungle_asian_redneck @dominickrapone @speedball_art
Merry Christmas🌲🌲🌲 and Happy making in 2019 ⚡️💥⚡️ #printmaking #diy #art

New Printmaking Book

The second edition of my printmaking book (coauthored with Beth Grabowski) is now available. Its published by Laurence King, London. You can also find it on Amazon and other major online book sellers.

Printmaking book cover 200


If you want a super reliable, very rich black ink try Speedball's SUPERGRAPHIC BLACK by Bill Fick. It's oil-based but cleans up with soap and water!

I Luv Linoleum


Where to buy linoleum

The best place to buy linoleum is Dick Blick. Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes or by the role. Battleship Gray is best.

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