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Here are two posters published by Litho Shop. If you’d like to get your hands on one (and others) contact Brian at Litho Shop. Thanks to Aron Fay for designing the 3-D poster and text. Size: 35″ x 23″

Tattoo Skull - Rainbow

Devil #1 - Use 3D glasses for maximum effect.

Here’s a letterpress coloring book published by Cockeyed Press that I made in collaboration with the folks at Artists Image Resource (AIR) in Pittsburgh, PA. The cover is a four color screen print. The pages were crayoned by visitors to AIR in February. Link here to read about the projects.

Terrorist #1, Terrorist #2, Terrorist #3

Terrorist #1, Terrorist #2, Terrorist #3

These images can be seen in a show I curated called Outlaws and Wild Animals at Rebus Works in Raleigh. The show will be up through July 25th.

Technique used: linocut (black ink) and white gesso on chip board.

Back from I-Raq 5

Here’s a color proof (hand-colored with markers and crayons) of an image that was blown up (from a linocut) and screen printed on to a large sheet of paper. It’s part of a series of large iconic heads being developed at Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh.

Tattoo Skull, Linocut

Tattoo Skull

Here’s the latest print hot off the press. The plan is to shoot the image on to a large screen and add lots of color. I’ll be working on it with the folks at Artists Image Resource in Pittsburgh. More info to come as the project develops.

Terrorist #1

Terrorist #1

This print is part one of three images entitled Suspected Terrorists. They will be shown at Rebus Works gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina as part of the Outlaws and Wild Animals exhibit. Dates: June 5 – July 25th.

A Soldier's Story, 2009

A Soldier's Story, 2009

This print is part of the A Visual History of the George W. Bush Presidency portfolio organized by William Mathie of Edinboro University, PA. The image is based on an article in the Washington Post – Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration at Army’s Top Medical Facility by Dana Priest and Anne Hull – that details the less than adequate conditions of Walter Reed Army Medical Center during the Bush administration. Article date: Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Well-Tempered Zombie

The Well-Tempered Zombie

The Ill-Tempered Zombie

The Ill-Tempered Zombie. Brain sucker deluxe!

New Printmaking Book

The second edition of my printmaking book (coauthored with Beth Grabowski) is now available. Its published by Laurence King, London. You can also find it on Amazon and other major online book sellers.

Printmaking book cover 200


If you want a super reliable, very rich black ink try Speedball's SUPERGRAPHIC BLACK by Bill Fick. It's oil-based but cleans up with soap and water!

I Luv Linoleum


Where to buy linoleum

The best place to buy linoleum is Dick Blick. Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes or by the role. Battleship Gray is best.

Outlaw Printmakers Interviews