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Here’s a short documentary by Ayanna Seals and Frith Gowan about my interest in making monster images. The piece was made during a summer workshop taught by Jim Haverkamp at The Center for Documentary Studies in Durham, NC.

Here’s an image I made for a portfolio organized by Joe Lupo at West Virginia University. The portfolio, NOT Approved By The Comics Code Authority, included work by 9 artists who are influenced by comics.

Homer Johnson, linocut, 2012

In late April I was in Corpus Christi, TX participating in the Oso Bay Biennial. Tom Huck and I were the jurors for the Oso Bay North American Printmaking Exhibit at the Islander Gallery. We also had a show at K Space Contemporary Gallery called NASTY. I showed a wall full of Skulls and Skullareks + some recent large images floating on top (see photo below). Huck premiered his Hillbilly Kama Sutra suite. Lots of other good stuff took place during the week, highlighted by Dennis McNett’s “Wolfbats Beseech the Great Bear of Oso Bay” performance. Here’s a nice write up about it on Printeresting by Jeff Dell.

In March I was in New Orleans as part of Dennis McNett’s Wolfbat Railway. Lots of good hang out time with old & new friends. Josh Dannin and Carter Eggleston worked on my car – super good help. Josh wrote this detailed post for Printeresting. There’s also a good video of the event on Off The Wall.TV

Josh Dannin working on train car

A lively video of the Inkslingers event. Thanks to Marcus Melton and his crew!


Here’s the print that I made at Vermillion Editions last month. An edition of 40 but each image has a slightly different background.

Amarillo Skull, 2012

Last week I was out in Amarillo, Texas as part of the Vermillion Editions Limited (West Texas A&M U.) Inkslingers 2012 – Symposium of Print. Other participating artists were Jenski (Jenny Schmid), Michael Krueger and John Lysak. Lots of fantastic work was created. Thanks to Scott, Michael, Marcus, Amy and the whole Vermillion crew for making it an outstanding ink-slinging event. Read about the whole event on Michael Krueger’s post on FECAL FACE.

Scott Frish advising on “Amarillo Skull” image

Scott Frish and Michael Raburn printing ‘Amarillo Skull”.

She’s scared to death!

Fanny May Jones, Linocut, 2012

This skull is part of a portfolio organized by La Calaca Press. La Calaca Press International Print Exchange.

Now showing at Art House Studios
Opening: Friday, October 7th, 6:00PM to 10:00PM.
Art House Studios 1009 Laurel Ave. McAllen, Texas, USA.
Exhibit runs from Oct. 7th through Oct. 28th, 2011.

Linocut, 9" x 7"

Here’s a new image that’ll be used on a poster for my visit to the Davidson College Art Department in mid November. The school mascot is the wildcat.

Linocut, 24" x 15"


Have you tried SPEEDBALL PROFESSIONAL RELIEF SUPERGRAPHIC BLACK INK yet? Give it a try. Super richness and denseness like you’ve never known!👀👀👀 I’ll be showing it off @printmediamfa in a couple of weeks as part of the @speedball_art Road Show with master screen printer @electriccalavera ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ #ink #printmaking #reliefprint #reliefprinting #linocut #printingink #creativeprocess
MEGAGRAPHIC @durham_arts Opening on January 18th at 6pm. 140 screen prints by 6 artists who print @durhamsupergraphic @jungle_asian_redneck @biovarg @rampaige2020 @matthewtauch @dominickrapone ❤️#griddesign #screenprinting #printmaking #screenprints #graphicdesign #graphics
New block in progress. Will be used for a print @electriccalavera and I will be making at @printmediamfa in Portland later this month. First stop on the @speedball_art Road Show 2019. 🛫🛬🛣⚡️⚡️⚡️ #printmaking #linocut #linocutprint #linoprint #cartoon #comics
Scored this obscure comic Showcase Comics in Bryn Mawr PA. Don’t know much about it but looks like it’s modeled on Mad. Love the cover! 👀👀💥 #riotcomic #comics #10cents
Getting ready for MEGAGRAPHIC show at the Durham Arts Council @durham_arts . Show opens 1/11. Sample of what it’ll look like. Bold colorful graphics in a grid. #printmaking #screenprinting #graphics #griddesign #megagraphic @matthewtauch @biovarg @rampaige2020 @jungle_asian_redneck @dominickrapone @speedball_art
Merry Christmas🌲🌲🌲 and Happy making in 2019 ⚡️💥⚡️ #printmaking #diy #art

New Printmaking Book

The second edition of my printmaking book (coauthored with Beth Grabowski) is now available. Its published by Laurence King, London. You can also find it on Amazon and other major online book sellers.

Printmaking book cover 200


If you want a super reliable, very rich black ink try Speedball's SUPERGRAPHIC BLACK by Bill Fick. It's oil-based but cleans up with soap and water!

I Luv Linoleum


Where to buy linoleum

The best place to buy linoleum is Dick Blick. Choose from a variety of pre-cut sizes or by the role. Battleship Gray is best.

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